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Welcome to Thunderstar Cattery. We are a very small cattery based in Eastern Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia in Levittown, PA. We have been breeding Maine Coons for over 20 years. We show exclusively in Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and Thunderstar Cattery has been registered with them since 1978.

the domestic Longhair

Merlin put the "Thunder" in our "Thunderstar" name. I found him as an orphaned kitten at a Police Station in Garfield, MO in 1976. He was 6 weeks old and covered in car grease and oil. I brought him home, cleaned him up and watched him mature into this beautiful adult blue silver domestic longhair! When I was thinking of a name for my cattery, I wanted 'star' in the name as I was naming my kittens after stars and constellations. Merlin was so much larger than the Somalis that he sounded like thunder as he went up and down the basement stairs... and the "Thunderstar" name was conceived!

I first was introduced to show cats when reading a Cat Fancy Magazine in 1977. I saw a picture of a Somali and became intrigued. I learned all I could about the breed and soon was showing my first Somali baby! I then showed and bred Somalis for 7 years before being accepted to University of Missouri Veterinary School. At that point, my 'cattery' had to be put on hold.

Upon graduation from Vet School in 1990, my dear friend Brooke Berger of Purricoon Cattery, gave me a silver with white female Maine Coon kitten as a graduation present. Although I had no intention of showing and breeding again, Brooke asked me to breed this girl as she thought she was something special and wanted to get a kitten back from her.

Aerrane of Thunderstar
Silver Tabby with White
The girl who started it all!

And here we are... 20 years later! :-) This little girl produced some stunning kittens, including GC Thunderstar Endeavour, DM.

While there are many 'looks' to Maine Coons, we prefer the more moderate or 'sweeter' look. Our breeding practice has always focused on temperament first.... our cats are known for their outgoing, easy personalities. We have had adults and kittens of a variety of colors, but silvers are our main love.

Then in 2000, after 10 years of breeding and showing, I decided to take a break from the cattery duties. A few years ago, I realized how much I missed the shows, the newborn kittens, etc. Since then I have acquired my silver lines back thanks to Alexis Mitchell of Syracoon/Furensics Cattery and I currently have 1-2 litters per year.

All our kittens are raised as a part of our family. They are very well socialized and temperament is guaranteed! All our cats receive the highest quality foods, and of course, veterinary care! All kittens are guaranteed to be FIV/Felv/FIP negative and free of all parasites. Our breeding cats are tested for HCM along with having routine echocardiograms.

We are willing to ship......to special homes :-))