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GP, RW Syracoon Resolution of Thunderstar
2010-2011 CFA standings

10th Best Cat in Premiership North Atlantic Region
4th Best Maine Coon in Premiership Nationally

"Resi" is a large, heavily coated neutered boy with beautiful pattern. His head is stunning - clean, gently sloping profile, strong chin and large, well-set ears. His temperament is what all breeders wish for - very, very loving and constantly purring all weekend at the shows.
Resi became a Grand Premier at only 8 months of age .
We are very proud of his show accomplishments. He remained happy and playful showing the wonderful Maine Coon personality through the entire season.
I can't thank Alexis Mitchell of Syracoon/Furensics enough for this very special boy!








GC Thunderstar Endeavour, DM
Silver Tabby & White Neuter

"Deavie" was the heart of our cattery from 1992-2000. He was a joy to show and went on to produce one beautiful show kitten after another. His show career included being BEST MAINE COON KITTEN IN SHOW at the CFA Invitational in 1992, and BEST MAINE COON CAT IN SHOW at Madison Square Garden, 1993. He is also CFA's FIRST silver Maine Coon male to achieve the title of Distinguished Merit, having produced 15+ Grand Champions/Grand Premiers. This is a title we are VERY proud to have achieved.

His son, GC Thunderstar Sterling Silver, owned and loved by Bill and Mary Szafarski of Jaljemar Cattery, became the 2nd Maine Coon silver male to achieve the Distinguished Merit title.







GC Thunderstar Andromeda of Syracoon, DM
Calico Female

Click here to see our Brag Page on Andi - I'm so very proud of this girl!







GP, RW Thunderstar Tenerife
Brown Patched Tabby & White Spay

18th Best Cat in Premiership North Atlantic Region, 1999-2000
Best Maine Coon in Premiership North Atlantic Region, 1998-1999, 1999-2000











GP, RW Syracoon Bongo of Thunderstar
Breeder: Alexis Mitchell
Silver Tabby & White Neuter

18th Best Cat in Premiership North Atlantic Region, 2006-2007
Best Maine Coon in Premiership NAR 2006-2007

William is large, very sweet neutered boy with clear, beautiful silver color. He always attracted spectators to his benching area as he laid out on the grooming table, waiting for someone to come admire and pet him! Again, I thank Alexis Mitchell for allowing me own this beautiful, very special boy.



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