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GC Thunderstar Karoo
Shaded Cameo and White Male
National Best of Color in Championship, 1998-1999 and 1999-2000

Karoo was my first venture into the 'odder' colors and what a way to get introduced into the OMCC class! (OMCC stands for Other Maine Coon Colors... which now is a much smaller category as a lot of the colors when I showed Karoo have now been broken out into their own color classes). Karoo was a very heavily boned boy with a beautiful coat who became a Grand Champion in 2 shows.








GP, RW Thunderstar Spotsylvania
Van Silver Tabby Neuter

16th Best cat in Premiership North Atlantic Region, 1996-1997
Best Maine Coon in Premiership, North Atlantic Region, 1996-1997

A younger picture of Spotty showing his beautiful expression




GC Thunderstar Shanvandoah
Silver Classic Tabby & White Female

National Best Maine Coon Female in Championship, 1995-1996




Spotty and Shannon were littermates and loved to show together.
I've always loved this picture of the two of them.





GP Thunderstar Tupelo Honey
Silver Patched Tabby & White Spay



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